Pet Wellness Exam

Regular Vet Care for Your Pet Helps Keep Them Feeling Great

Pets experience a variety of healthcare issues throughout their lives. Younger pets are more likely to have fleas and/or worm infestations while older pets experience age-related illnesses such as kidney disease and arthritis. We at Boysen Animal Hospital in Saint Cloud know about the benefits of bringing your pet in for a pet wellness exam. Regular vet care throughout your pet's life lets you get ahead of these issues and give them an excellent quality of life. 


Why Annual Wellness Exams for Pets are a Good Idea

All pets, from the most active of dogs to the laid-back house cats, experience changes in their bodies the same as people do. More active pets have increased risk of getting injured or sick, but low-energy pets can also find themselves host to fleas and suffer from allergies. Bringing your pet in to see the veterinarian on a regular basis is key to getting ahead of small issues before they develop into bigger problems.

How a Veterinarian Performs a Wellness Exam

The wellness exam begins with a physical and visual exam. A veterinarian is trained to look for certain signs in animals that demonstrate health, distress, or illness. One the vet has completed the visual exam, they perform the physical exam by checking vital organs, eyes, mouth, and the musculoskeletal system for physical evidence of illness. Blood is drawn for a blood panel that shows if a pet is experiencing an illness or age-related disease. All this information is used to determine how healthy your pet is and to create a baseline for future exams. 

What You Learn From the Exam

Once the vet has completed their exam, they put together everything they uncovered and explain their discoveries to you. You'll learn about the overall condition of your pet, what steps, if any, need to be taken to improve their health, and what you need to be doing, or not doing, to keep them in shape. In the event the vet found an underlying condition or an illness that is beginning to take hold, they educate you about their findings and how to treat the issue at hand. 

Taking Care of Your Pet After the Wellness Exam

If your pet is healthy and has no problems, great! The vet will tell you to keep doing what you are doing. But if your pet has a health issue, the vet will give you the appropriate treatment plan and medications needed to treat the conditions that were found. 

Contact Us Today for a Pet Wellness Exam

Give us a call at Boysen Animal Hospital in Saint Cloud to set up an appointment with a veterinarian for an exam. We can help you learn about the health of your pet and what steps you need to take to keep them happy and comfortable. 


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