Digital Radiology

Our imaging system produces sharp, clear radiographs (x-rays) and we process our images digitally. 

Digital radiographs make radiographic diagnostics much faster since we do not have to chemically process films, far safer by using less radiation and eliminating chemicals, and high quality for an accurate diagnosis.



Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that helps visualize internal organs of the chest and abdomen in great detail. 

We also are able to use ultrasound to check for pregnancies as well as locate the urinary bladder to collect sterile samples for urinalysis.



We are equipped with an in-house laboratory which allows us to measure many different types of values. 

Blood chemistry, CBC, urinalysis, cytology, fecal analysis, heartworm testing and feline leukemia testing can all be completed in a short amount of time. For tests we are unable to perform in-house, we utilize Marshfield Diagnostic Laboratory.


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