*Severe bleeding

​*difficulty breathing / choking

*consistent coughing / gagging

​*inability to pass urine or stool

​*blood from nose, mouth, rectum, or in urine

*eye injuries​

*poison ingestion (antifreeze, rodenticide, chocolate, xylitol)

​*seizures / staggering

​*fractures / severe lameness / dragging limbs

​*obvious signs of pain / anxiety

​*heat stress / heatstroke

​*severe lethargy / unable to rise

*severe vomiting / diarrhea

*refusal to drink >24 hours​


In the event of an emergency, our staff is trained to act swiftly and efficiently to make sure your pet gets the immediate care they need. The doctor and technicians will work to stabilize your pet and will update you as soon as they're able to step away. 

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Emergencies that require immediate consultation and/or care:



if able, please call to let us know what type of emergency your pet is experiencing to allow our staff to prepare more thoroughly.

for urgent care outside of our business hours, contact Blue Pearl Pet Hospital